Curbside Bin Liner
(25 pieces)


-Curbside bin liners are sized to fit the size of the bins.  Look on the lid of your Green Cart to see if it is a 240L or 120L cart.

-These liners are made of the same Compostable material as the countertop bins residents are already using.

-Some residents choose to use the Curbside Bin Liner instead of using the small countertop liners.

-Lawn clippings, kitchen and pet waste will no longer remain stuck in your bin and require frequent bin cleaning.

-These liners are accepted by all municipalities in Alberta participating in  Green Cart Programs.

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Curbside Bin Liners are sold as an annual quantity (25 pieces).

-Weekly use of a liner is necessary to keep the bin odour reasonable in warmer months.

-During spring- summer-fall months organics refuse is typically higher than winter months.

-Residents may be able to use only 1 bin liner per month in the cold months. We recommend tying the liner before you roll your cart to collection location.

The Bin Liners are packaged in a reusable tote bag with the Alberta Compost Logo.

The delivery of all orders is done by Alberta Compost employees and occurs weekdays to your front door complete with a copy of your receipt in the reusable tote.  A nominal fee is charged upon checkout.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 × 32 × 38 cm
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(25 pieces)”

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