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Alberta Compost.

We have municipal compost collection in Calgary now and that allows all food scraps, pet waste, lawn clippings etc… to be composted. The bins as you can imagine get very dirty and smelly. It can become very unpleasant. Our product solves this issue.

Why choose Alberta Compost?

We are your neighbours.

Like you, we received green carts and countertop bins. We immediately saw a big decrease in the use of our black garbage bin.

Why are we here?

We really liked the idea of reducing landfill waste. What we didn't enjoy was cleaning out foul smelling pet waste and food residue.

What did we do?

We partnered with a Canadian manufacturer to produce a starch based liner made of the exact same material used for the ``Kitchen Bin`` all residents received with their cart.

Keeping your carts clean.

We have a passion for being part of the green revolution. Please tell your neighbours about us.

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